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The Best Wellness Retreats for Solo Travelers

We open the door to good change and limitless new opportunities when we travel. Traveling to the most prominent sites on our globe on one of our life-changing solo wellness tours will link you to breathtaking nature, diversified culture, and new ways of thinking, stimulating new creativity and energy within you.

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Why Take a Wellness Retreat for Solo Travelers?

When you go on a healthy vacation with a fresh group of people, you will see unexplored regions and be completely gratified by the scenery, activities, and cultures you encounter. A celibacy break allows you to enrich your being by participating in spiritual ceremonies in unfamiliar locations designed to replenish the body and soul. It is often the boost we need to be a better version of ourselves and to those around us.

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The Best Wellness Retreats for Solo Travelers

Ananda (India)

Nothing beats refining your yoga practice like doing it in the homeland. Ananda, located in Northern India’s Himalayan foothills, was named the world’s number one destination spa in 2019. Ananda provides a variety of packages focusing on traditional meditation methods such as Ayurveda and Vedanta, coupled with the finest of worldwide influences for people who are already familiar with yoga.

The five to twenty-one-day retreats emphasize stress management, weight loss, and spiritual growth. To encourage singles to specialize in their profession, each wellness journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with a doctor. Packages include lodging, three meals per day, and access to hydrotherapy facilities.

Rates for 5 nights begin at $2,825.

Kamalaya (Thailand)

Kamalaya, another award-winning destination spa on Koh Samui, is situated in a valley and constructed around an old cave previously occupied by Buddhist monks. The place is ideal for calm contemplation and is well-known for its healing properties. Its selection of low-intensity wellness programs is an excellent starting place for first-time solo travelers looking to embark on a health and meditation adventure.

Guests can choose from packages that last three, five, or seven days. Apart from regular group yoga courses, lone travelers and singles can participate in various group activities such as circuit training, Tai Chi, and aqua aerobics. Accommodations, three detox cuisines each day, plus access to pools, saunas, and the exercise center are all included in each package.

For three nights, rates begin at $1,889.

Como Shambhala (Bali)

Como Shambhala Estate and its exquisite Balinese villas are situated inside a gorgeous tropical jungle, just fifteen minutes from Bali’s spiritual heart, Ubud. You’ Gwill focus on strengthening exercises with meditation and breathing techniques to the sounds of rustling leaves and the rumbling Ayung River, making it ideal for both beginner and seasoned yoga practitioners.

Other activities available at the highly acclaimed flagship include forest walks, river rafting, cooking courses, and personalized trips. Singles and single travelers may expect a fully stress-free trip because the resort provides a personal assistant to handle every detail. Each wellness package includes lodging, three meals each day, and free use of amenities.

Rates for three nights begin at $2,400.

Cal-A-Vie (US)

Cal-A-Vie is ideal for the lone traveler looking for a comprehensive European experience in the heart of Southern California. The 450-acre property in San Diego was meant to look like a rustic French village, complete with blooming lavender and grapevine fields. Guests can enjoy limitless yoga lessons for all levels as well as other fitness programs such as Pilates training, golf, aerobics, boxing, and aqua workouts.

Whether guests stay for three, four, or seven days, the 5:1 staff-to-guest ratio ensures a personalized and stress-free experience. Each retreat package includes lodging, three meals per day (with culinary demonstrations), cleaning services, and spa services. 

Their rates start from $4,950 for 3 nights.

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Morocco Wellness Journey, Africa

The Morocco Wellness Journey is a 14-day retreat that will take participants on the ultimate wilderness experience for the lone traveler with the luxury of time (and cash). The retreat includes camelback rides, overnight sleepouts in the Sahara Desert, and treks across the Atlas Mountains, in addition to supervised outdoor yoga and pilates activities.

The route also includes stops in well-known Moroccan cities such as Fes, Casablanca, Skoura, Marrakech, and Oualidia. After a day of adventure and cultural immersion, guests can thoroughly unwind and rest at the Four Seasons Casablanca, Villa Des Orangers, and Sir Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot.

Their rates start from $10,417 for 14 nights.

Amansala Resort (Tulum)

Amansala is popular among Hollywood celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore,

Cindy Crawford, Reese Witherspoon, and Jude Law for its fascinating assortment of heart-pumping yoga and fitness retreats. The eco-chic resort, located just a few steps from the beach, takes pride in their most famous and adored program, the “Bikini Bootcamp,” which stimulates personal discovery through time spent in nature and the water.

The basic camp lasts six days and consists of a mix of high-energy aerobic and strength workouts, yoga, healthy eating, pampering, and beach walks. Salsa, African, and belly dance classes are possible extracurricular activities. Each retreat package includes lodging, daily tasty and healthy meals (except one supper where guests can sample local cuisine), and spa services.

Rates for 6 nights begin at $2,250.

Yoga Escapes (Greece)

A trip to Mykonos offers the typical Greek experience, where excess and flexibility triumph over discipline – in a good way. Yoga Escapes does not bind their guests to any obligations, which is ideal for singles and lone travelers who want to have less of a routine. There are no predetermined schedules or diets to follow; simply total freedom and relaxation.

Days are relaxed, with five-star accommodations at the Myconian Imperial Hotel, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. It is entirely up to you whether you enjoy day travels alone or join strangers-turned-friends in arranged group dinners. Each retreat package includes therapeutic treatments, lodging, and a full breakfast buffet.

Rates for 7 nights begin at $2,129.


There are great ways to escape and replenish your energy but none comes close to a place designed exactly for that. A wellness retreat is meant to recharge both your body and mind, so just a day or two might even be enough for the magic. Take the first step today by picking your favorite location from the ones listed and this article and go get in touch with yourself and nature once more.

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