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10 Healing Retreats That Could Change Your Life Course

Emotional well-being has become the topmost priority and almost everyone is faced with challenges of different kinds.

Financial crunch, loneliness, and not knowing what to do with this newfound time, and is something that has caused a major stir in our lives.

Self-care and self-love doesn’t stop at physical workouts and shopping sprees, it goes well beyond that level and includes forming a deeper connection with oneself. Hence, healing retreats!

What is a Healing Retreat and How Does it Work?

Healing Retreats are specially designed programs or places offering individuals a glimpse of their own mental, emotional and physical condition.

This deeper-level bonding with oneself creates and supports a transformation towards work-life balance. Sometimes triggering memories of the past are uncovered, while undergoing a physical and mental detox.

Healing retreats are not only about emotional and physical healing, but also a kind of spiritual awakening.

What are the 5 Best Ways To Find The Right Healing Retreat For You?

No matter what you’re healing from, the route you take doesn’t have to conform to societal standards. It is a personalized approach that one undertakes in the face of a crisis.

While we have tried to summarize the kind of questions one must ask themselves for full optimization of the program, there are no right or wrong choices and one must choose what suits them best!

Solo or Group Retreat

For some people healing means connecting with people and reviving old friendships. This could be triggered by the sudden feeling of loneliness or emotional deprivation.

For others, healing takes the opposite path. They like to cut off from people and give themselves a breather in natural environments. In both of these cases, retreats specialized to make you part of a group, retreats for a group of friends, and retreats personalized for solitary healing are available.

The Type of Retreat

Before you make the choice for the healing retreat, you must obtain clarity on the type of retreat you would want to invest in. Retreats come in all shapes and sizes, and from that, we mean, that the retreat venues can lie in hinterlands, woodlands, and even luxury spaces.

If healing seems like an unplug, go for an ashram experience or if healing looks like a dose of pampering, go for luxury retreats in resorts or hotels.

The intent of the retreat

Of all the questions that you ask yourself before selecting your retreat, the answer to the question of the intention behind the healing retreat is the most crucial.

Retreats can give a new direction and offer a push towards being more self-aware and receptive to your needs. On the other hand, retreats can be undertaken to give oneself a shot of long-due extravagance.

There are silent, detox, meditation, spiritual, fitness, hiking, and all other types of retreats to choose from. But this question needs a silent introspection before you arrive at a conclusion.  

The kind of commitments required in the retreat

Healing retreats take the form of commitments where you would have to commit yourself to a certain amount of days or practice a certain form of refrain.

Some retreats like Detox would require you to give up on non-vegetarian or dairy food, others would require you to wake up at a certain time and perform a certain activity at a given time.

Once you have gathered all the information about your selected retreat, you have to decide whether you are willing to make the commitments that the retreat requires you to.

The budget of the retreat

For some people wellness retreats are still a luxury, hence, making a budget is very important. The budget that you have in your head, also makes it clear whether you can go for luxury retreats or not.

But worry not, there are plenty of retreats that fall under the budget of $1,000, so, once you’ve made your mind on the questions mentioned above, there is nothing much work left.

best healing retreats

The 10 Best Healing Retreats

Kalani Hawaii

Link to website: https://kalani.com

The Kalani retreat of Hawaii is a place of endless opportunities. Be it Yoga, meditation or gyms and pools, this Hawaii-based healing retreat falls short on nothing.

Away from the clutches of the metropolitan hustle, Kalani lets you dip your soul in art and culture. And before you leave, you have a couple of life skills in your hands like Lauhala weaving, hula, tai chi, and dancing.

Temenos Retreat Center – McGregor, South Africa

The Temenos Retreat Center is more like a detox experience, where you can choose from the widest variety of wellness opportunities like a silent retreat, Vipassana meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy.

The freshness from the sprawling gardens and the vegetarian diet will surely give you a different outlook on life!

Link to website: https://www.temenos.org.za

Revivo Wellness Resorts, Bali

With mental health and self-care taking center stage, Revivo Wellness Resort in Bali has come up with several healing treatments like Reiki and Chakra balancing, Prayanama breathing practice alongside body analysis, fitness classes and spa treatments. This retreat takes a holistic path and assists individuals in changing their life patterns to tackle stress.

Link to website: https://www.revivoresorts.com

Spirit Yoga Retreat, Thailand

Thailand’s wellness or healing retreats are world-class and there is no denying it.

Snuggled against the backdrop of Natai Beach, the retreat is empowered by Patricia Thielemann, who has combined four dimensions of personal transformation, namely, Weight Optimization, Anti-Aging, Mind Balance, and Detoxification. Here one can also opt for an oxygen therapy and integrative massage, for a full mind-body rejuvenation.

Link to website: https://www.aleenta.com/phuket/

Shakti 360° Leti, India

In the land that cradles Yoga, Shakti 360° Leti has to be listed in the top 10 best healing retreats. The stone and glass facade is just a start to this refreshing experience. As a part of the healing program, individuals are taken out for cultural hiking in remote rural areas of the Himalayas.

Most of the meals are prepared from fresh and raw produce of the land. The retreat books you on a 360° lifestyle change and gives you Shakti (power)!

Link to website: https://www.shaktihimalaya.com/kumaon.php

The Arrigo Programme, US

Created by psychotherapist and intuitive healer, Fiona Arrigo, the Arrigo Programme is a healing retreat that is a hybrid of psycho-physical treatment. Coupling medicine, bodywork, breath-work, Tibetan pulsing, and psychological modules, the place is just simply best for deep healing.

The tailor-made “Mind Cleanse” is something to consider when opting for Arrigo Programme.

Link to website: https://www.thearrigoprogramme.com

Monastère des Augustines, Canada

This healing retreat in Canada combines history with healing. Situated in an antique monastery, Monastère des Augustines is a time travel for those who come seeking guidance and respite.

Its meditation, yoga and sleep rejuvenation programs are just the best for a spiritual awakening of the senses.

Link to website: https://monastere.ca/en

The Warrior Garden, Australia

The Warrior Garden, Australia organizes healing retreats that classify as full-blown body and fitness programs. Edging the Byron Bay, the Warrior Garden brings high-quality physical training and doubles it with exhilarating experiences such as hikes and local trade tours.

For someone looking to change their sedentary lifestyle, the Warrior Garden could prove to be a great start.

Link to website: https://bookretreats.com/center/the-warrior-garden

Balance Wellness, Oman

The Balance Wellness is a mixture of Asian and middle-eastern healing practices. It believes in internal detoxification, getting the individual to commit to herbal elixir, anti-inflammatory food, Tibetan KunNye Massage, and Shirodhara.

The healing retreat offers customized itineraries and emphasizes both mind and body healing.

Link to website: https://www.anantara.com/en/al-baleed-salalah/wellness

Satori Mindfulness Meditation Spa Retreat

The Satoori Mindfulness Meditation Spa Retreat will reboot your mind!

Starting with the practice of relaxation and reflection, the healing retreat will train your mind to be more receptive and maintain a balance in the body through the inclusion of organic meals.

Link to website: https://www.sanctuaryoncamelback.com

Final Thoughts

A healing retreat can give your emotional, physical and spiritual self-care a kick-start, so, don’t think too much, you absolutely deserve it!


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