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20 Signs You Are a Travel Addict

Are you a travel addict? Does the mere mention of “travel” make your heart beat faster and your palms sweaty with excitement, or does it fill you with dread at the thought of being away from home for more than a few days?

What It Means to Be A Travel Addict

A travel addict is someone who has an impulse to travel. They feel it’s essential to their well-being. They are never happy staying in one place for too long. This is because they get bored easily and need new stimuli constantly to keep themselves engaged with the world around them, whether that means visiting a different country or simply exploring somewhere close by like your local city center.

If you are still uncertain about whether or not this applies to you, here are 20 signs that prove without a doubt that you are indeed addicted.

20 Signs You Are a Travel Addict

1) You get excited when airlines announce flight delays because they give you an excuse to extend your vacation another day(or 2!) before heading home. Keep racking up those flight vouchers!

2) You think about where your next trip will be as soon as one is over.

3) You have a list of cities or countries you want to visit that’s so long it would take your entire life just to cross them all off.

4) You have added at least one country to your bucket list just because you read about it in a magazine.

5) You can’t remember the last time you didn’t go on a trip. Well, maybe 2020 was an exception but we’re guessing it won’t be long until you’re jet-setting again- if you haven’t already gotten back out there.

6) You are always the last to leave the hotel or hostel. Late check-out time? Nah. You’ll just hang out in the lobby until they kick you out because there is no way you are going to let this day end!

7) You constantly search for flights everywhere, not just the next planned destination. “I wonder what it would cost from here,” is a thought that has crossed your mind at least once while on vacation. You know there’s no price too high when it comes to seeing everything this world has to offer!

8) Your friends and family know that whenever you get a bonus at work, your first thought is to book another trip. Will

9) You have a healthy savings account, but you still use credit cards to fund your travels. All those points equal more opportunities to book your next trip.

10) You are constantly looking for ways to save money on travel or earning extra points with different airlines that will eventually help you get free flights faster.

11) Your Facebook and Instagram pics of yourself usually consist of selfies from new places around the world rather than pictures of your own family and friends.

12) You start planning a trip as soon as someone says they’re going to another country for their vacation.

13) Your passport has more stamps than a used-up notebook. Getting those extra pages was worth it!

14) Your idea of an ideal vacation is one where you get to travel around for at least two weeks straight without having to worry about going back home, doing laundry, going to work, or going back to school.

15) You have a bucket list of countries you want to visit and/or live in before you die.

16) Your idea of relaxing is not being at home but rather out exploring somewhere new.

17) When asked what your dream vacation would be like, the only answer you can think of is: to travel.

18) Your favorite thing about traveling is not the destinations but rather meeting new people and learning about their culture.

19) You’ve been called a “holiday addict” more than once in your life, Hey, that doesn’t sound like an insult to us!

20) You feel an emotional pull in your heart when you see something beautiful or different, and it makes you want to explore the world until every corner becomes familiar.

How to Deal with Your Travel Addiction Pains

To help with any pains from travel addiction, we have a few recommendations for your time stuck at home.

  • Read a travel book.
  • Eat at a restaurant that specializes in food from your next vacation destination.
  • Cook a meal from a country you want to visit.
  • Read an article about your next vacation destination.
  • Watch a movie that takes place in the location of one of your future trips.
  • Join a Meetup group for travelers near you and attend their events regularly.
  • Watch a travel documentary.
  • Learn a new language.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think now? Do you match the description or can you think of any other signs that prove your love for traveling? If this sounds like you, then maybe travel is more than just a hobby. Maybe it’s an addiction. If so, welcome to the club; there are many of us, who understand exactly how you feel and what you’re going through. We also relate to those pains when you are stuck at home just waiting on your next trip.

These are just a few suggestions, but the possibilities are endless. So go ahead-start planning another trip because it will be one of the best ways to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Let us know how travel makes you feel in the comment section below!


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