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5 Reasons Why Having Good Credit Can Get You Awesome Wellness Travel Perks

Wellness tourism has become a popular concept in recent years, especially following the health and travel restrictions that were implemented during the height of the pandemic. It’s a concept that revolves around the pursuit of overall well-being through travel.

According to a well-being explainer from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one’s social connectedness, productivity, physical & social environment, and feelings of contentment & satisfaction, contribute greatly to mental and physical health.

Post-pandemic Travel Industry

The market for wellness tourism is a large one, with research revealing that its worth might increase up to $1.02 trillion by 2030. Despite the inflation crisis affecting many countries across the globe, the tourism industry is looking up as people have begun viewing travel as a necessary component to achieving health and happiness. If you’re planning on going on an extended trip for this purpose, you might be worried about the financial aspect of it – especially if you’re someone who doesn’t manage credit well.

Here’s why you should keep an eye on your credit score before going on a wellness trip.

1. Obtaining a Travel Credit Card

Getting a travel credit card can be one of the best ways to lower the cost of travel, especially for long hauls. But to get a mid-range travel card, you would likely need a fair-good credit score of 649-749. Providers will also have to perform hard credit checks, which can knock a few points off your overall score whether your application is approved or not.

Therefore, it’s best to run a soft credit check on yourself to see where your score currently stands. Unlike the former, soft checks allow you to monitor your own report weekly, monthly, or as requested.

2. Finding Affordable Hotel and Lodging

There are some amazing hotels and lodging options that give you access to the best spas and wellness retreats. However, staying for more than a few months at a time can be quite expensive.

But with a good credit score, you’ll be qualified for hotel credit cards such as the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card, Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, or the Hotels.com Rewards Visa Credit Card. Some benefits include access to lounges, room upgrades, and free nights.

3. Earn Cashback, Points, and Miles

Occasionally, credit card companies will pull a soft check on their customers to determine those entitled to any promos such as cashback, travel points, and plane miles. For instance, you can earn back money spent on necessities on your trip.

You can also accumulate travel points to use on discounts and vouchers for various health establishments. And much like hotel credit cards, airline cards are available to frequent fliers with a high credit score – some will even award you with free miles upon signing up.

4. Get the Best Wellness Deals

Some luxury facilities such as “The Lodge” in Woodloch, Pennsylvania have a recognition program that rewards regular guests with loyalty.

Similarly, you can stay at places like the Miraval Resort & Spa in Arizona and the Ventana Big Sur by using accumulated Hyatt points. These deals can be a big lifesaver as resort and spa stays can go as high as $500 per night. Some healthcare credit cards can also cover the cost of recreational treatments and procedures, so it’s always a good idea to ask.

5. Makes Managing Finances Easier

Lastly, maintaining good credit will allow you to enjoy a better travel experience in general. With most countries adopting cashless payment systems, having a credit card can be handy – but of course, you don’t want your transaction to be declined at the most crucial moment.

Norway, Finland, New Zealand, and Hong Kong are some of the countries that are closest to becoming completely cashless. Therefore, you can expect a lot of businesses to offer more and more rewards to customers who use credit and other cashless payment methods.


All in all, having good credit can be a powerful tool to help you enjoy your wellness travels in style. It can open up opportunities for discounted or free airfare, hotel stays, and other perks that can make your trips more financially manageable.


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