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12 Wellness Tips for a Wholesome Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. With non-stop events from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, it can be easy to get caught up in holiday festivities and forget about things like self-care.

The holiday season can also lead people to indulge too much without thinking about the consequences on their physical health. In this blog post, we will provide 12 wellness tips for a wholesome holiday season that you can use as a guide for your holiday celebrations!

12 Holiday Wellness Tips

First wellness tip: Prepare yourself.

Don’t wait until the holiday season rolls around to consider your holiday goals. You already know that this holiday season will be hectic.

In that case, it may be helpful to prepare for all of the holiday events ahead of time by brainstorming how you can stay healthy while still enjoying everything about the holidays.

For example, if holiday parties will be a big part of your holiday season, you can prepare by mapping out which ones you plan on attending and considering how to stay healthy at each party.

Second wellness tip: Plan for healthy eating.

When it comes down to holiday food, planning is crucial for staying on track with your health goals during the holidays, especially if you will be attending holiday parties.

If there are certain foods that you know you want to avoid, don’t wait until the holidays roll around before cutting them out of your diet. Remember, moderation is key!

It’s okay to enjoy holiday treats like sugar cookies or eggnog but balance out with healthy holiday recipes like roasted Brussels sprouts or homemade apple cider.

Third wellness tip: Get enough sleep.

With all of the holiday festivities that are likely to be going on, staying up late can become a holiday tradition.

However, it is essential that you get enough sleep every night during the holiday season. Sleep deprivation has been linked with many adverse health effects, including increased heart disease and diabetes.

Fourth wellness tip: Make time for self-care.

Even though the holiday season is full of holiday parties and holiday shopping, it can be easy to forget regular self-care.

It’s essential that you schedule time for things like massages or walks in the park into your holiday calendar.

Consider adding spa visits and massages to your wish list to make up for lost time and a bright start to the new year.

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Fifth wellness tip: Get some exercise.

When all else fails, try finding ways to incorporate more physical activity through holiday activities like shopping, decorating Christmas trees, or dancing at holiday parties.

Invite girlfriends for a holiday-themed HIIT or yoga workout. If you’re looking for holiday workout ideas, check out the holiday-themed workout videos on youtube.

Sixth wellness tip: Watch out for your alcohol consumption.

During the holiday season, it’s easy to drink a little more than you usually do during days off from work.

While there is nothing wrong with drinking responsibly and in moderation over the holidays, be sure not to overdo it. Try drinking water in between each eggnog or holiday cocktail to stay hydrated.

Seventh wellness tip: Think about holiday gifts that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, consider buying your exercise-loving relatives some fitness trackers or gym memberships to motivate them in their health goals even when they aren’t with you!

For other healthy gift examples, you can buy them community garden boxes delivered to their door every week or passes to fun activities, like indoor rock climbing.

Eighth wellness tip: Focus on the positive.

Don’t beat yourself up even if you fall off track with your holiday health and wellness goals at times during the holiday season.

It’s important to remember that self-care is about prioritizing what you need over holiday traditions to avoid holiday burnout. If you fall off track, think about how to get back on track.

Ninth wellness tip: Keep holiday stress in check.

The holiday season can be highly stressful, especially if you are juggling all of your holiday activities with work or family obligations.

Try to do things like taking a break from technology so that you have time to relax and recharge or consider practicing mindfulness techniques during the holiday season.

Tenth wellness tip: Give yourself a holiday break.

Holiday stress can get out of hand, and it can become hard for you to prioritize your health and wellness over holiday traditions.

It’s okay to take breaks and say no to attending every event. Don’t feel guilty if holiday shopping and holiday travel leave you feeling exhausted- It’s normal.

Consider asking loved ones and friends for support with tasks. They may be able to alleviate some holiday stress off of your shoulders. It’s essential to prioritize your health during the holiday season so that you can enjoy all of the holiday festivities.

Eleventh wellness tip: Lighten up on holiday food rules.

Your holiday health goals aren’t likely to be very effective if they are too strict because it can become difficult for you to enjoy the holiday season with all of these restrictions in place.

Instead, try practicing moderation. Fill your plate up with all the yummy healthy options and return for all those sugary treats when you’re not as hungry.

Last wellness tip: Don’t compare yourself to others.

Stop comparing yourself to others this holiday season. TV and internet ads offer non-stop holiday gift guides.

Pinterest floods your feed with extravagant party decorations. Not to mention watching beautifully decorated home tours or seeing social media posts of lavish gifts might make you feel overwhelmed.

You might even start thinking your holiday celebrations aren’t up to par, but that is not true.

Your holiday traditions are your own, and they don’t have to be like anyone else’s. Just relax, enjoy the moment, and have fun this holiday season.

Final Thoughts

Many holiday wellness tips can help you stay healthy and happy during the holiday season.

If you’re struggling to prioritize your health goals over holiday traditions, remember that self-care is about prioritizing what YOU need for holiday stress relief.

Don’t forget to make time for things like massages or walks in the park during the holiday season!


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