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10 Simple Spa Tips for First-Timers

If you’re new to spa visits, or just looking for some simple tips, then this blog post is perfect for you. Here are 10 spa-goers’ secrets that will help make your experience much better.

How to Prepare For Your Spa Day

Do your research. What kind of spa would you like to visit? What spa services are offered there? Do they have any discounts or promotions going on right now?

Make a list of spa treatments you would like. Get some recommendations from friends who may have visited the spa before, but also check their websites for their current prices and specials.

Once you’ve chosen your spa, call ahead to make appointments for each service. If you have a spa package in mind, ask what they recommend or think would go best together with your treatment choices.

Once you’ve reserved your spot, get ready to enjoy and relax!

10 Simple Spa Tips for First-Timers 

1) Arrive early.

When you arrive early, spa staff can give you a tour of the facilities and explain spa rules, as well as dress code requirements. 

It is also important that you arrive early because it ensures the room is warm, cozy, and ready for you! Spa employees take time to prepare stations for treatments or amenities such as towels or robes before they are needed – and a late arrival might just mean you miss out on that spa time!

2) Talk to the Staff.

When you arrive for spa treatments, be sure to tell spa staff what level of pressure or strength is comfortable during your spa service.  You don’t want spa therapists leaving bruises on your body! If the spa does not ask this question at check-in, then bring it up with them before any services begin so that they can adjust the spa’s pressure accordingly.

When receiving any spa treatments with water such as facials, body scrubs, or wraps, be sure to inform spa staff about any allergies you have or medications and supplements you are currently using.  If you are unsure about anything, be sure to ask spa staff so that they can help ensure your spa experience is a pleasant one!

3) Hydrate.

Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after the spa visit so that you stay hydrated during your time in the spa. Most spas will offer you a spa beverage, so feel free to ask for water if you don’t see it!

If you are more particular about your beverages, you may also want to pack a bottle of water or tea in case the spa only provides its own spa beverages during your visit.  My favorite spa water is infused with cucumber or lemon slices.

spa tips for first timers

4) Limit Caffeine.

If you are new to spa visits, then it is best that spa-goers avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine causes your blood vessels to constrict resulting in redness or flushing of the skin so this beverage would not be ideal during spa treatments such as facials that focus on cleansing pores or microdermabrasion which requires a bright complexion.

5)Pack a spa bag.

Pack a bag with all of your essentials so that when you arrive at the spa, you can check-in and relax!  In your spa bag, be sure to include any makeup or lotions or shampoos you use. Additionally, many spa services may require you to remove all makeup and jewelry. It is best that you do not wear them during treatments. I prefer going fresh-faced from the start!

I always pack a large towel in case the spa provides small towels or none at all. It’s helpful to have these for spa treatments or lounging after services. Also, a large towel can be used to cover up if you want privacy during spa treatments such as body wraps and mud baths.

Other items to consider packing are comfortable clothing and a robe.  A robe is perfect to wear after services as you are allowed to walk around the spa in it. When packing clothes, consider how much time it takes to get dressed and undressed for spa treatments.

If possible, pack your own flip-flops or slippers because some spas do not provide their guests with them. You’ll need them during spa treatments and lounging especially if the spa provides locker rooms that require bare feet.

6) Bring a book.

If you’re going to be at the spa all day, consider bringing along a book.  You might have downtime between treatments. I always enjoy reading while relaxing in the spa’s lounge area.

Finally, it is important spa guests bring a book or device because they may wait for their spa treatments during spa check-in and will not be able to leave the spa until after your treatment.

7) Workout before treatments.

If you are planning to get treatments like massages, body wraps, or any spa services which require you to be wet for extended periods of time (longer than 15 minutes), then it is best to work out beforehand.  This will allow your muscles and skin a chance to soften before spa services begin so that they can better absorb spa products or spa treatments.

If you are planning on receiving spa services that require a dry body such as salt scrubs, then try to avoid working out before spa appointments because it can dehydrate your skin or cause redness from breakouts if you have acne-prone skin.

Before my spa day begins, I prefer to squeeze in a quick yoga flow or walk outdoors. This makes the spa’s activities seem even more fresh and relaxing.

8) Unplug.

Leave your cell phones, iPads, and other devices at home or in the locker room. When I visit spas, I always put my phone on airplane mode so that it doesn’t interrupt my spa treatments.

When you visit a spa, be sure to unplug and let go of your daily life. Put everything aside and enjoy!  The spa is meant for relaxation after all; it can wait until later!

9) Relax and enjoy.

Enjoy your spa day!  This is one of the most important spa tips for first-timers because you’ll get the full spa effect if you fully relax.

While spa treatments may be done by professionals, it’s still hard work that requires effort. It’ll go more smoothly if the person receiving the treatment is relaxed, so take a deep breath and remember to relax!

10) Have an after spa plan 

After your spa day, it is important that you cleanse and moisturize your skin in order to prevent any dryness or irritation. If you have any products from the spa, use them!

For example, if I received a facial treatment at the spa and they provide me with a sample of face cream or eye cream for post-spa care then that is what I will be using to keep my skin soft.

How to Have A Good Spa Experience

Be clear about the services you want so that there are no misunderstandings on either side.

RELAX! I’m suggesting this again because it’s the most important.

Be open to whatever your spa day has in store for you, and be sure not to over-think the experience!

Final Note

These are simply a few techniques to make the most of your spa trip – since they’re designed to be restful. Spas are meant to relax both body and mind so allow yourself some time after your spa session to keep unwinding. Some of my favorite ways are ordering dinner in or keeping it simple by cozying up with a good book.

I hope these spa tips help! Let me know in the comments below what other spa tips I should include here.


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