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The Best Places for Nature Lovers in Honolulu

On the shores of the islands of Honolulu, there’s plenty to see and do for nature lovers. Scenic beaches, fascinating caves, historical locations, and challenging hikes make Honolulu a real treat for tourists looking for an excursion full of exploration. Here’s our pick of the best places in Honolulu that every nature lover must visit.

Koko Head Stairs

Head on straight and up for the ultimate leg workout with 1048 steps looking over some of Honolulu’s most scenic landscapes, then enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views in full glory as you stand atop the giant crater.

The views from the high top are rewarding; however, the journey back down the Koko stairs is not an easy one. Initially built as a railway track for conveying supplies for the U.S. Army at the time of world war, Koko head stairs are extremely steep and demanding to climb.

The last few steps where you would find hollow depths with no land to stand on make the steps more of a bridge to your destination. It’s a scary bridge indeed.

Fortunately, an alternative pathway leads the way to the top in a safer manner. So if you feel not so keen on venturing on the last bit of thrill, you can skip it for the final view.

Cockroach Cove

Some unusual thinking went into naming this beautiful beach when indeed, it is the complete antithesis of the connotations one might have when first hearing the moniker “cockroach cove.”

Snuggled somewhere in Halona, the cockroach cove is found beneath the famed blowhole and is also known as Oahu’s Secret Beach. The waters near the cove are calm and quiet, and the land features a mix of white and brown sand with stunning jagged cliffs.

You can bask in the eternity beach as some call it and watch the ethereal beauty of nature as the sunsets here and a thing to behold.

Judd Trail and Jackass Ginger Pool

While in Honolulu, expect to hear a lot of unusual and fun names. The Judd trail is a fun experience for nature lovers looking for some light trekking ending with a cheerful bath in warm springs.

The one-mile journey involves a series of tall pine trees, thick bamboo forest, followed by a rocky trail finally leading to the big hole known as the Jackass Ginger Pool.

Stairway to Heaven

Of all the places mentioned in this list, the most dangerous and officially illegal to venture on is the Haʻikū Stairs. The stairway to heaven is an intimidating and steep way upward, with more than 3000 steps and considerable risk involved.

However, the journey following the stairway is definitely worth every bit of risk as you go through the bamboo bushes and temperate climate to the secluded former U.S. Navy communication facility established during the world war.

However, the adventure here lies not in reaching the peak but the thrilling climb through the precarious stairway. It is definitely not something for the faint-hearted but is certainly a fulfilling experience for the true nature adventurer.

Diamond Head Crater Lake

Honolulu’s diamond head crater lake is arguably the most fascinating place to visit. Formed Nearly 300000 years ago during an explosion, this crater on the eastern edge of Waikiki’s coastline has had both historical and military significance for the country.

It is a wide saucer shape engraved on the landscape and was used by the government to construct tunnels and store military artillery. Today the location has been turned into a monument where tourists hike to witness its grandeur and magnificence, enjoying the stunning views of the ocean it affords.

Hanauma Bay Rock Bridge

Excursion to the Hanauma bay is a gradual incline hike that takes around 1.5 – 3 hours. The hike starts through the service road from the Kalanianaole Highway, which is partly paved but relatively easy to walk on. The rock bridge affords stunning views of Koko Head Crater, Hawaii Kai, and the Mesmerizing gradient blue waters of the bay.

There is a transition to another hill which leads you down to the shore where you would find the Hanauma bay. It is not the most arduous trek, but nothing compares to the beauty of sweeping white sand, azure waters, and mysterious caves.

Manoa Falls

If you like the classic Jurassic Park films, you’re going to love this place. Many of the Jurrasic Park franchise films have been shot near the Manoa falls, which is why tourists like to visit the forest area. The Manoa falls are easy to visit and have become one of Honolulu’s most famous attractions.

The stunning waterfall gushes down from over 150 feet above. The waterfall is surrounded by a rainforest valley, through which the trails lead up to the Manoa falls, offering fascinating views of thick trees and sightings of a variety of birds. You can either take a guided tour to the waterfall or hike there all by yourself.


There is an unending list of beautiful places for nature lovers in Honolulu. Make sure to include our best pick on your next trip.


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