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The Best Places for Nature Lovers in Boulder

Boulder is the place for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies, known for its outdoor activities and amazing hiking trails. Blending both the city and the mountains, Boulder offers its visitors the best of both places. Here are some sites that you wouldn’t want to miss if you are a nature lover. 

Eldorado Canyon State Park

A park might seem like a boring place to visit, but the Eldorado Canyon State Park is one park that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The Eldorado Canyon State Park has something for everyone whether you are a nature lover, the scenic and panoramic vistas of the Eldorado will keep you in awe, or you want to spend a day out with your family and friends a stream-side picnic never hurt anyone, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie hiking Eldorado Canyon has over 500 rock climbing routes amidst the towering sandstone cliffs along with scenic South Boulder Creek luring climber from around the world to challenge themselves from easy to difficult.

Honestly, the Eldorado State Canyon Park has something for everyone, and if you come here you will have nothing but beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Green Mountain

Did you know that the Green Mountain is 8,148 ft which is still the more accessible one out of the other three Boulder Summits but still very difficult? If you are looking for a nice day hike, then this is the place for you. You can go up early in the morning and hike up from the Gregory Canyon trailhead to the amphitheater.

The Green Mountains are a good place to hike in any season, whether it’s the summer and you want to escape the heat or during the winter, when it can get a little chilly, but the winter beauty of the place is unmatched.

South Mesa Trailhead

Bored and want a weekend out, the South Mesa Trailhead is the place to go, and you will be surprised how quickly this place fills up during the weekends as it is so popular with the riverine ecosystem at the trailhead, and if you love wildlife, then you will love the place.

Lost Gulch Overlook

If you are someone who loves watching the sunrise or the sunset or want to feel some calmness, then the Lost Gulch Overlook wouldn’t disappoint you with its breathtaking views spanning from the eastern plain to the snow-covered mountains is definitely a worthwhile stop. It’s also a great place to take photos if you are into photography or with family and friends.

The Lost Gulch can also be called a romantic place for couples, and many couples get engaged at the Lost Gulch. It is undoubtedly a trail with unbelievable views, and it is awe-inspiring to see the beauty and splendor of nature. If you are anywhere near this place, don’t miss out on it.

First Flatiron

The First Flatiron is a challenging climb, but if you are even mildly fit, you can do it. This park has intensely challenging hikes, but once you are at the top of the mountain, it’s all worth it. Probably the steepest public park trail.

Along the way up, you are offered stunning views of the Boulder and, as you progress along the trail, provided forks that are well marked based on the difficulty level. If you plan on doing this trail during the winters, this place surely turns into a winter wonderland, but whether it’s winter or summer, the view from the top is truly mesmerizing.

Sunrise Amphitheatre

The Sunrise amphitheater is a fantastic place if you like to have the sunrise to yourself, and it is also one of the most popular destinations for a wedding.

The views over Boulder are beyond stunning and spectacular, built right on top of the mountain with pine trees surrounding it with a clear view of the east; hence the name “Sunrise Amphitheater” definitely does justice to its name.

Royal ARCH

The Royal Arch is a unique trail leading up to a natural stone arch that is not visible until you are actually in front of it. It is an epic stone formation nestled between pine forests and larger rock formations.

The Royal Arch, which is made of sandstone and is 20ft off the ground, offers a fantastic view to the south and the east.

Chautauqua Park

One of Boulder’s best places for nature lovers, this park is located below the Flatirons and overlooks the valley. It is a favorite among hikers and joggers.

The park offers some great trails such as Green Mountain trail, Bluebell Knoll Trail, Royal Arch Trail, which links up to the Flatirons and the Bluebell Road.

Final Notes

Boulder is known for outdoor activities, good food, terrific breweries, and vibrant downtown, but here are some places that you should visit if you are a nature lover or love to hike or, in general, want to explore this side of Boulder. Make sure to include these places in your next trip.


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