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The Best Wellness Retreats on a Budget

In recent times, the increased focus on mental health and self-care has been enormous. Eating healthy, getting sound sleep, and working out routinely have become the mantra for a stress free lifestyle and the ultimate form of self love.

But sometimes even your fitness program can make you feel like taking a break. A restful retreat is what everyone needs in such times but that doesn’t mean you need to go hard and heavy on your pocket.

In today’s feature, we will discover 8 most affordable retreats around the world that you can visit to gain a profound and enlightening experience and find your version of true happiness. All on a budget!

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Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

Sivananda Ashram is the rare traditional retreat where you find the bona fide Yogic experience. Perched on the lush white sand of the paradise island, this ashram offers lodging for singles couples as well as families, from stunning beachfront resorts to more modest beachside tents.

A typical day in the ashram includes waking up early at 5, followed by meditation, refreshing yoga poses, and breathing exercises.

There are morning and afternoon classes for yoga every day however guests are offered two free classes every day including lessons on philosophy and spirituality.

Meals served here are quite cheap and offer a vegan platter. Accommodations are also available at low rates with dormitories starting under $100 and beachside tents at nearly half the price.

Website link – https://sivanandabahamas.org/

Price – starting from $380 in winters and $250 in summers

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The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Costa Rica

What can be better for a wellness escape than the tranquil coastlines of the Caribbean? Costa Rica’s Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort pairs inner peace with fun and adventure as you embark on a journey of mindfulness with everyday yoga retreats, surfing lessons, the special bodhi tree fitness retreat, and the relaxing Bodhi tree spa.

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort harbours six yoga shalas, offering various types of yoga classes and serving organic food and juices in the open environs of nature. It is the more economical option for a wellness retreat with a closely connected room structure and shared bathrooms.

Website link – https://bodhitreeyogaresort.com/

Price – $200 per night

Maya Tulum Resort, Mexico

Melt your stress down and away in the beautiful beachside resorts of Maya Tulum in Mexico. The Maya Tulum Resort offers a realm for relaxation in the most premium of settings. Plush accommodations, delicious and organic meals paired with a healing experience, and a price tag that isn’t as hefty as other resorts in the area, this wellness temple is the perfect place to spend some relaxing time in.

The resort features daily yoga classes along with mats and other accessories as lending items. There are saunas and spas to toss out the stress from your mind as well as your body and a stunning coastline that works as a strolling line for people seeking relief in its serenity.

Website link – https://mayatulum.com/

Price – starting from $120

Kripalu Radical Self-Love, Massachusetts

As the name suggests, Kripalu Radical Self-Love is a wellness retreat in Massachusetts that teaches people to love themself. In this day and age, we care too much about what other people are thinking and how we can make that other person happy – all so people would like us back.

But it’s important to realize that our own happiness is paramount above anything and tantamount to the love and respect we receive from others. Kripalu Radical Self-Love is a winter resort that is suitable for all ages.

Its self-discovery program and light yogic exercises teach the art of loving yourself and help in leading a better life.

Website link – https://kripalu.org

Price – Starting from $468 for 2 nights

Museflower Retreat Thailand

One of Thailand’s most famous wellness centers, Museflower retreat helps people reconnect with their inner self, rejuvenate and restart.

Located in the Chiang rai, this wellness retreat brings together the true essence of nature in every healing workshop, enlightening lessons, and revivifying spa therapies.

Here, you don’t have to be an avid follower of any particular belief as the wellness camp encourages any travelers seeking peace and mindfulness in their hearts. Museflower Retreat offers a peaceful environment to practice meditation with the help of expert and seasoned professionals and provides a wealth of organic vegan cuisines.

Website link – https://musefloweretreat.com/

Price – $57 per day

Balitrees Retreat – Bali, Indonesia

Settled between an expanse of rice paddies and palm trees, the Balitress wellness camp hosts a range of activities from cooking, music, trekking to yogic exercises, temple tours, special Balinese massage, and much more.

The yoga here is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. It is a traditional form that is performed out in the open, on grass fields and in the presence of wildlife. Operated by a small group of people, Balitress retreat is a modest and relatively new wellness establishment in the town. It is also recently the most famous attraction, serving delicious Baltese cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a whole package deal for people looking for such a retreat on a budget.

Website link – https://www.balitrees.com/

Price – $80 -$190 per night

Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa, Dominican Republic

Just a few miles away from the Dominican Republic, the Natura Cabana is a beachfront resort that offers more than just the tranquillity of being remote.

Located in a low-key setting, it is indeed quite the dream fortress of solitude in terms of quietude and serenity with gorgeous beaches and palm trees and not too much crowd to spoil the ambiance of the environs. However, there’s more to it than just that.

The 12 cabanas are located just near the beachside, creating a unique experience with its design of palm leaves thatched roofs, traditional interior design decked with various kinds of stones, woods, and shells. It is also a great way to spend the nights, falling asleep to the canorous sound of the calm waves. During the day, here you can enjoy a service of rejuvenating spas, regularly scheduled yoga classes, horse riding, trekking, watching waterfalls, and more.

Website link – https://naturacabana.com/

Price – $134 per night

A recharging break with a wellness retreat is something we all need once in a while and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as a vacation. These were the most affordable wellness retreats around the world where you can find your ideal escape for solitude.

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