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The Best Wellness Retreats in the USA

Every so often we feel like turning that switch off and taking an out from the endless parade of our mundane routine. Taking a break from things to reconnect with yourself and spend some quality alone time can help to restore the balance between a peaceful mind and healthy exertion in daily life. Here, we will discuss 8 such wellness retreats in the USA that you can visit to laze and de-stress.

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

In a state of dejection and forlorn hope, what one really looks for is a restful oasis, an oasis that could revivify the tranquillity back into life, probably like the one found in the Castle hot springs of Arizona.

The natural thermal springs of the place, variety of yoga classes, and tasty delicacies to dine in offer a splendid escape from the tedium of a usual routine. Castle hot springs have had a history of famous guests frequenting the place, from Rockefellers and Vanderbilts to Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy used to catch a break here before it got closed.

Today after nearly 40 years, the castle hot spring has been reopened for tourists as a way to journey into a peaceful area in their conscience.

Website link – https://www.castlehotsprings.com/

Price – Starting from $450

The Ranch Malibu, California

Unwind for a short but restorative seven-day wellness retreat in California. The ranch Malibu plans out a complete itinerary of various fitness programs, diurnal hikes, and afternoon naps paired with healthy vegan meals to promote weight loss and a peaceful mind.

Guests can also choose to personalize their experience with their pick of activities and programs scheduled separately from the group lessons. It is most ideal for single individuals looking to take a small hiatus in the lap of malibu.

Website link – https://theranchmalibu.com/

Price – $7800 per week

Golden door, California

Another one of California’s most scenic retreats tucked in mountainous terrain, the golden door is a one of a kind Japanese-style resort that focuses on providing a relaxing experience for the mind and body.

Here, you can find mindfulness through a series of special talks, traditional massages, hiking trails, and more than 80 different reenergizing classes.

Website link – https://goldendoor.com/

Price – $8000-$10000 per week

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Florida

An awe-inspiring five-star resort, Carillon Miami wellness retreat is the largest establishment of its kind on the east coast. Let your stress fade out and away on the edge of the Atlantic ocean with a rejuvenating experience in state-of-the-art wellness facilities, wholesome spa centers for the mind and soul, and cuisine that are nutritious and organic.

The resort set on the longest beach offers breathtakingly stunning views and includes luxurious accommodations for a proper top-of-the-class stay.

Website link –https://www.carillonhotel.com/en/

Price – Starting from $799 per night

YO1 Health Resort, New York

For a curative and personalized experience that incorporates a broad range of health programs directed under the advisory of wellness professionals, you can visit the YO1 health resort in New York.

The YO1 wellness facility aims to solve mental health and various other issues through their specialized program of an organic lifestyle, corrective exercises paired with a luxurious and natural experience. Following an ayurvedic approach, there are a number of healing therapies, restorative practices, and even tailor-made treatments to correct conditions such as anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, infertility, obesity, chronic pain, and many others with guaranteed lasting results.

Website link – https://www.yo1.com/m/

Price – $400 per person

Crestone Mountain Zen Center, Colorado

Relax and regroup in the Buddhist zen practice center in colorado. The Crestone Mountain Zen Center is

a wellness monastery located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Retreats at the center are available in time frames, from four short days to 3 complete months. The monastery follows a simple mantra in every practice.

Guests are provided with 3 clean and simple meals and can either practice meditation in solitude with no one around or join the other monks in the diurnal ceremonies and other activities to find peace within themselves.

Website link – https://www.crestoneretreats.org/

Price – $50 – $100 per night

The Barns at Troutbeck, New York

The Barns at Troutbeck, New York is another modern and sophisticated wellness establishment in New York that focuses mainly on stress relief practices.

It is but one small part of a larger landscape of retreat centers under Troutbeck. In this facility, there is a 1,250-square-foot tall barn where daily classes for various types of yogas and meditation classes take place.

Their services also include acupuncture, saunas, and massages for a completely composed state of mind.

Website link – https://troutbeck.com/discover/explore/wellness/

Price – Members $40 | Guests $50 per night

Hilton Head Health, South Carolina

Hilton Head Health is an award-winning wellness center that focuses mainly on obesity and the conditions related to it. It offers a range of programs for fitness that include yoga, boot camp, pilates class, kayaking, paddle boarding followed by specially designed meal plans for faster and effective weight loss.

During your stay, the professional wellness coaches outline a tailor-fit program for you that promises results and furthers your fitness goals.

Website link – https://www.hhhealth.com/

Price – $3,375 to $4,800 per week,

Be it mental health issues or physical pain, the aforementioned resorts and centers are a great pick to get your much-deserved break from your tiring routine.


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