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The Best Natural Hot Springs to Visit in New Mexico

New Mexico is a popular destination among tourists due to its scenic beauty and cultural diversity. People from all over the world visit New Mexico to see the main attractions.

Apart from others, one of the major reasons for visiting New Mexico is to feel the natural hot springs. It has several hot springs and all are equally good.

Known for their therapeutic nature, these hot springs are a must-visit if you ever plan to tour New Mexico. The natural hot springs in New Mexico have become popular over the years, and you too should not miss this golden opportunity to feel them.

San Antonio Hot Springs

This is one of the best hot springs in New Mexico and people do visit from thousands of miles away just to experience its hot water.

It is situated in a scenic area on top of a small hill. There are natural and rock-lined pools where water comes through a pipeline. The temperature of the water is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can feel comfortable in that also.

The pools have soft as well as sandy bottoms, so around ten people can be together without any trouble. This hot water is known to cure several diseases and will improve your mental health as well. A visit here is a must for any traveler.

Jamez Hot Springs

Located in a very convenient place, this hot water spring is famous for its therapeutic features. You will feel relaxed and your body will be rejuvenated once you are inside the hot spring.

It offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains, and that is an added attraction to visiting this place.

As a visitor, you will find a restroom, changing room, hammock, shower, and gift shop. There are options to avail of this hot spring either for one hour, a half-day, or even for a full day.

You can collect the passes accordingly and can come even in large groups also. There are restaurants nearby, and beverages are served poolside.

Black Rock Hot Springs

If you are looking for the best natural hot springs in New Mexico to visit, then this should be on your itinerary.

This is considered one of the best and most unique hot springs in the country. It is also one of the main tourist attractions. This is located a bit inland and with full serenity. Only hot spring lovers who love to have an adventurous life usually come here.

There is no entrance fee, nor is any permission given for overnight stay. There are not many facilities available at this hot spring, but due to its natural formation, it draws a huge number of tourists every year.

The hot spring consists of two large rocks and a connection pool with mud at the base. The temperature of the water varies based on the season but normally remains between 97 degrees to 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to its natural location, not many amenities are found here, still, a good number of travelers used to pay a visit due to its natural flavor.

Spence Hot Spring

Spence hot spring comes up with two natural pools. This area is located inside the Santa Fe National Forest. Just beside it, you will find a beautiful tree-filled canyon.

The water in these pools is not as hot as in other ones. The average temperature remains around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, but it provides an excellent opportunity to relax. Additionally, the surrounding natural beauty will mesmerize you

without any doubt. You would love to visit this place again after some time due to its sheer quality. The pools are open throughout the day but there is no permission to stay overnight.

The pools are not very big, so only a limited number of people are allowed inside. If you want to avoid not being able to enter, you must book prior.

Light Feather Hot Springs

Of all the all-natural hot springs in New Mexico, this is one of the most popular. Hardly twenty minutes walking in the Gila National Forest, this is one of the hot springs where people used to come throughout the year.

The pools are located at the bottom of a canyon, and geothermal water flows into them at a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The scenic beauty of this hot spring is also equally as good, and one can enjoy an entire day with various activities. Due to the nature of water, tourists pay a visit often.

Faywood Hot Springs

If you are searching for both public and private pools to enjoy hot water, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Located in the southwest, this is a favorite destination for thousands of visitors. The water of the pool is known to rejuvenate you from all tiredness and, mentally, you will also be refreshed.

It also has a healing property that can cure several diseases. The temperature of the water varies from 95 degrees to 110 degrees in different seasons.

You can also availability of the accommodation option in the form of a one-bedroom cabin or tent. A café, a small museum, and a gift shop are there to collect mementos to remember in the future.

As a good number of people are used to visiting this place, it is recommended to book it before avoiding any unwanted rush or cancellation.

Montezuma Hot Springs

Located near Las Vegas, this is around one hour’s drive from the main city. The springs are a famous tourist attraction, and people from different locations usually come here.

Earlier, it was a part of the Montezuma hotel, now it has been made open to the public so that everyone can enjoy the hot water of the pool.

These are the best natural hot springs in New Mexico where you can pay a visit anytime in the year.

These are not only famous tourist attractions but also for some therapeutic changes in your mind and body. Plan your next outing in such a way that you must visit any of these without fail.

Final Note

If you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate in some of the best natural hot springs in New Mexico, then look no further. We hope this guide has helped you in deciding which hot springs are best for you.


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