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The 7 Best Natural Hot Springs to Visit in Alaska

Alaska is known for its cold climate. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Even Alaska will mesmerize you with its wildlife beauty also.

But, are you aware that there are hot springs in Alaska too? Well, here is the surprise.

Your muscles need a pool of warm water after spending a good time in wildlife or any other adventure. Nature’s earth has given that facility in Alaska. You can easily plan your vacation in Alaska only to experience the natural hot springs present here.

A Brief History of the Natural Hot Springs in Alaska

The number of natural hot springs available in Alaska is as large as 80. But, out of those, only 20 hot springs are accessible to the public.

The majority of the hot springs in Alaska are found in the central Alaska region near the Yukon River basin as well as on different islands of the southeast panhandle.

Most of these hot springs are accessible by plane or boat. Some are there that you can reach by hiking. And, some others have been included within the resort to give you a natural pleasure. Let’s check out the best natural hot springs in Alaska one by one:

The 7 Best Natural Hot Springs to Visit in Alaska

Chena Hot Springs

If you are looking to visit the best hot springs in Alaska, this must be on your priority list. This is a hot spring with four feet of depth. It is located in Chena Hot Spring Resort, only one hour’s drive from Fairbanks.

Most of the time, it maintains a temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit and is open throughout the year.

Chena hot springs also offer lodging as well as local tours. You can purchase a day pass to use the heated pools, hot tubs, and showers at Chena Hot Springs.

Goddard Hot Springs

Are you looking for a boat trip to access any hot springs? Then Goddard hot springs could be your ideal destination. It is located 16 miles away on Baranof Island, and you need either a chartered boat or a floatplane to get there.

The journey is a beautiful one, and it has all the ingredients to make it a memorable one too. With a water temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, one can relax by seeing amazing views all around them.

They also provide some offers in which you can even enjoy an entire day without any cost. Nearby outhouses and boardwalks are available to spend some lovely time in this hot spring.

Tenakee Hot Springs

Need a therapeutic dip in hot water? Then Tenakee hot spring is your perfect destination.

Located only 45 miles away from Juneau, this is one of the best natural hot springs in Alaska. It was built in the year 1900 and still, people prefer to visit this place without any hesitation.

The temperature of the water is 105 degrees Fahrenheit and is equipped with self-flushing technology to feel the hot water throughout the day.

The authorities maintain the health and hygiene of the spring, and you need to clean yourself before you enter into this.

Clothes are also not allowed in the springs for the best of the benefits to be received, hence there is separate timing for men and women. You have to check that timing for sure.

Generally, no charge is levied to the people who come to visit this, but donations are highly appreciated to keep this natural hot spring active for several years in the future as well.

Manley Hot Springs

In the northwest of Fairbanks, there are Manley hot springs, which are situated in the interior part of Alaska.

The experience of the journey is very beautiful. You can enjoy the mountains and valleys while passing through.

Once reached, you can find several unique things inside the greenhouse that consists of Asian pears, grapes, and hibiscus flowers. There are concrete baths available to soak yourself in warm water, and the cost is very low—only five dollars.

You can easily spend as much time as you want and will feel deeply satisfied after reaching here. Then only can you feel why this is also treated as one of the best hot springs in Alaska.

Chief Shakes Hot Springs

If you are a hiker, then there is a little hike of 0.3 miles to reach Chief Shakes hot springs.

Located near the Stikine River, this hot spring is one of the favorite destinations of tourists for decades. It remains packed up on weekends and holidays, so you must plan your visit early.

The best feature of this hot spring is the availability of two unique redwood tubs. Out of that, one is sheltered and the other is open air. You can find outhouses, dressing rooms, and benches also to spend quality time.

The hot water will give you ultimate relaxation and you would love to be back again after some time.

Baranof Warm Springs

Planning to immerse yourself in nature with hot water? And that too just beside a magnificent waterfall? Then this is your ideal place.

Surrounded by untouched and pristine forests, Baranof’s warm springs are a delight to watch. It is located on the Baranof Island and you need to have either a boat or a floatplane to reach there.

The temperature of the water is around 124 degrees Fahrenheit and there are as many as 9 hot springs available in the vicinity.

Serpentine Hot Springs

This is another name for spiritual healing. For centuries, these hot water springs are used by primitive and modern people.

It is surrounded by granite tors and the feeling while bathing here is very good. This open-air hot spring can be accessed by plane only and people used to visit to enjoy it.

Tourists come here to heal themselves spiritually and every element is present to feel comfortable.

This is all about the best natural hot springs in Alaska which you can’t miss under any circumstances.

Final Note

Alaska is blessed with natural hot springs, and it will be a great experience to visit any of these. Each one has its own specialty, so you must check out all the details before planning your trip. And don’t forget to add this amazing experience to your travel diary!


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