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The 7 Best Wineries to Visit Near St Augustine in 2024

Are you looking for a day filled with wine-tasting and relaxation with your partner or friends? You may be dreaming of a vacation in the great vineyards of California or even the agricultural areas of France, but did you know that there are plenty of wine-tasting opportunities in and around St. Augustine? Your hopes and dreams of enjoying tapas and wine with your loved ones can be realized in the St. Augustine area!

Use this list of the greatest wineries near St Augustine to complement your next wine-tasting excursion. Some are a little outside of St. Augustine proper, but they’re still worth visiting.

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San Sebastian Winery

San Sebastian Winery is far and away the most highly-rated winery in all of St. Augustine. Here, you can taste wine and see how it is made. Founded in 1996, San Sebastian Winery is a historic American winery that dates all the way back to 1562.

San Sebastian is the most typical winery that you will find on this list (and maybe the most impressive as well). They own over 500 total acres of land to contribute to the production of their wines and grow a large variety of different types of grapes to produce wine with.

The winery specializes in developing wines made from Muscadine grapes to create dessert, premium, and sparkling wines that are all available for you to taste during a complimentary tour and tasting. Embark on a winemaking journey and St. Augustine’s history when you visit this winery near the historic downtown area, open 7 days a week for self-guided tours and wine tasting.

Flagler Beachfront Winery

Not located in St. Augustine, but a quick 30-40 minute drive away in Flagler Beach, Florida, is Flagler Beachfront Winery. If you fancy combining your wine tasting journey with some beachfront paradise, Flagler Beachfront Winery is the perfect choice for you.

Enjoy wine slushies, charcuterie boards, and locally made wine at this seaside winery that will have you asking for more than just a small sip. Flagler Beachfront Winery offers other special events such as candle making classes and game nights so that you can have a blast while you eat tapas and taste handcrafted wine by the sea!

Maestro Winery

Maestro Winery in St. Augustine describes itself as an “arts inspired, urban winery”.

Located in the West King District, this winery is indeed all about the arts. Some of the non-wine offerings at this winery are art education courses, painting classes, live performances, and retail shopping. The lead winemaker of Maestro is the owner, who has specialized in crafting fruit wines that are created from local, Floridian fruits.

Maestro’s wines are not Olympic athletes, but they are gold medal winners! Maestro’s wines have won gold for their red muscadine, rose petal, and chocolate orange wines.

Bluefield Estate Winery

This is another winery that is just a quick drive from St. Augustine, but definitely still worth mentioning.

A little farther away from Flagler Beachfront Winery, Bluefield Estate Winery is located in Gainesville, Florida, which is about an hour and a half from St. Augustine. Still, this family-owned winery is worth the trip!

They offer blueberry and muscadine grape picking on the property on a u-pick basis which is a super fun activity. This winery does not have a traditional website but has an up-to-date Facebook account that informs you of what fruits are available to be picked on the property.

As well, just like any other winery, Bluefield Estate Winery offers wine tastings for their handcrafted blueberry and muscadine wines. They also create a variety of other fruit wines by infusing their wines with blackberry, raspberry, apple, and other fruits.

Log Cabin Winery

Located in Satsuma, Florida, this winery is roughly a 45-minute drive from St. Augustine. Sitting on 10 acres of muscadine grapes, Log Cabin Winery has been family-owned and operated for over 75 years.

The land itself is historic and has been used for other agricultural purposes spanning back centuries, according to its owners. Its award-winning wines are worth the try at only $1/per sample. Log Cabin Winery also hosts events such as their Annual Harvest Festival which typically takes place in October.

Guided walking tours are also offered at Log Cabin Winery but reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Southern Vibes

Not a winery, but a location that will offer delicious wines to taste and enjoy, is Southern Vibes.

Inspired by the love of wine, Southern Vibes is a family-owned tasting room and wine cellar that offers a wine tasting and tapas experience in St. Augustine.

Southern Vibes also offers classes that educate you about wine and food pairing and make for a perfect date idea for lovers of wine. Relax with friends and meet at Southern Vibes to sample their weekly featured wines and freshly made hors d’oeuvres.

With the help of their Advanced Level house sommelier Alayna, you will be able to enjoy wines picked especially for you and your friends by an expert in the craft.

Carrera Wine Cellar

Carrera Wine Cellar is also not a winery, but it offers classes, events, and tastings that will create a similar fun outing for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Having earned the award Best of St. Augustine in 2021, Carrera Wine Cellar is a true gem of St. Augustine.

This wine cellar offers wine education courses and wine tastings that are instructed by their experienced wine consultants and sommeliers.

This location can also be rented out for wine parties where you can entertain a larger number of guests with wine tasting and custom charcuterie boards.

Final Note

When looking to choose from the wineries in St. Augustine and the St. Augustine area to tour and taste, these wineries and wine cellars will make excellent picks for your visit.

There are many other wineries in Florida that are worth visiting, but when you choose which St. Augustine-area winery to go to, we know that you will be satisfied. Enjoy your handcrafted Floridian wine!


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