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25 Inspiring Travel Journal Prompts For Your Next Adventure

It can be overwhelming to write down everything you want to remember from your travels. You don’t always have time to write at the end of every day. You might not know where to start describing your travel adventures. Or you might find yourself starting a travel journal but never finishing or not documenting your trip at all!

That’s probably why you’ve come to this blog. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve put together 25 travel journal prompts that will help you record your travel memories.

What is a Travel Journal

A travel journal is a way to record details about your travel experiences for yourself or others to read later. It helps keep your memories alive and gives you the opportunity to relive your travel experiences.

There are no right or wrong answers regarding what you should include in your travel journal. Include the things that interest you! Some examples might be travel diaries, stories, photos, or illustrations.

Your travel journal can be paper or digital – whichever works best for you. I like to use a travel journal app on my phone, but some people find it easier to write in a physical travel journal.

What is a Travel Journal Prompt?

A travel journal prompt is a travel writing prompt to help you get started with your travel journal. It guides you as you write in your travel journal or inspires you if writing isn’t quite working out for you on this trip.

A travel journal prompt can be anything that helps inspire or remind you about a moment in time from your travels, even if it wasn’t necessarily an experience – just something memorable!

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25 Travel Journal Prompts

Whether you’re traveling or just daydreaming about it, use these road prompts to help you keep track of your travels.

These are some of my favorite prompts for when I’m feeling blocked and need something to write in my travel diary:

1. How has your trip changed or shaped you?

2. How did you feel when you arrived at your destination?

3. Who do you think about the most while traveling and why?

4. What is one thing that surprised you during your trip?

5. If budget wasn’t an issue, where would you travel to next and why?

6. How did your travel make a positive impact on the world around you?

7. Describe one of your most memorable travel experiences using five senses.

8. Remember a trip when you really bonded with someone you met while traveling. Describe your shared experiences.

9. Share your favorite meal while traveling. Where was it? Who were you with?

10. What is your travel dream destination and why?

11. Share a travel photo that best describes the experience of traveling abroad for you.

12. What is a fear or travel phobia you have?

13. What is your greatest travel mishap or travel disaster story, and how did it end up okay in the long run?

14. Share a travel quote that inspires you to travel more, even after a bad experience abroad.

15. What was your worst accommodation and why?

16. When did travel become something that mattered deeply to you, and how has it impacted your life since then?

17.”Travel makes me feel _____________.”

18. What cultural experience did you have today?

19.” I’d rather travel than go on vacation because travel makes me ____________ and ___________.” (Fill in with whatever things make travel better than a typical vacation.)

20. What is the worst travel mistake or travel regret that you’ve experienced?

21. “The best travel advice I ever got was to ___________” (Fill in with whatever travel mantra, tip, trick of wisdom someone shared with you, and it stuck.)

22. What is your definition of travel?

23. What travel memory do you wish to cherish forever?

24. What travel memory do you wish to forget forever?

25. What is the travel idea, concept, or muse that inspires travel for you?

Additional Tips

Write when you have some downtime. I travel with a travel journal all the time and find that writing when I’m traveling is best done during downtime. This can be waiting for a flight at an airport or train station, bus stop, etc.

Don’t worry about editing right away.

Travel journal prompts can be messy and random. Write down your travel thoughts first and then edit them later or not at all! Just let it flow.

Journal when you feel inspired.

If you’re not feeling inspired right now, wait for the travel muse to strike. Some travel journal prompts might inspire your travel writing while others won’t. Write in a diary or just start taking notes about what interests you and use that as inspiration when it comes time to write!

Write without stress or pressure.

It’s for you, so there are no rules! Just have fun with it and be yourself.

If you’re feeling stuck, try doing one of the travel prompts each day until they become natural.


Whether it’s travel or just a daydream, writing your travel journal will get you started on recording the memories and experiences of where you’ve been.

Let your travel journal reflect who you are and make it personal to travel. The writing process will be much more rewarding for this reason, even if the finished product isn’t perfect or polished. What matters is that you’re exploring yourself through travel by putting pen to paper!

We hope these prompts have given you inspiration for your travel journal. Let us know if you have any favorites!


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