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The 9 Best Spas Experiences in Asheville

Asheville is a destination for many reasons. The city has breathtaking mountain views, delicious restaurants, breweries, and some fantastic spa experiences to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

There are so many to choose from! I’ve compiled The 9 Best Spas Experiences in Asheville which you should visit during your next trip to this incredible city.

1. Asheville Salt Cave

Among the best spas in Asheville, the Salt Caves of Ashville are the best-found obsession of people wanting a harmonious get together with their mind and body.

Located underground, the relaxation session takes place in an environment surrounded by minerals and elements. It would be a good idea to plan a group spa session down in the cave, as reservations for 10 people are offered too.


2. Still Point Wellness

Cost: $69-119


At Still Point Wellness, the mind, and body rejuvenation programs are divided into 3 categories- Salt Water Floatation therapy, Craniosacral therapy. and Somatic Experiencing.

Pulling you out from the reaches of stress and tension, therapies at Still Point Wellness are aimed to provide you with utmost relaxation and recovery. These therapies not only work on muscle relaxation but also calm your mind to give you a new outlook on your problems and life.

3. Shoji Spa

Cost: $200-300


Delve into the depths of Japanese healing traditions at Shoji Spa located in downtown Ashville. Try out authentic and locally produced spa products while soaking in private salt tubs and listening to melodious natural sounds.

The traditional Savasana rooms take you into a completely different zone, healing with the powers of heat, thereby relieving you of all the muscle tension and bodily pains. If you wish to take it up with your better half, what’s better than gifting them a couple of spa packages at Shoji Spa.

4. Adelaida Spa and Salon

Located within Crowne Plaza Resort, Adelaida Spa and Salon is a multi-functional option for people who wish to take advantage of other amenities, as opposed to just the spa.

Nevertheless, the spa has professional therapists and aestheticians that look after and give an amazing spa treatment to the guests. The resort holds several other wellness activities like yoga, aerobics, and kickboxing.

5. Wakefoot Sanctuary Spa Theology

Cost: $32 and up

While most spas focus on the entire body, Wakefoot Sanctuary Spa as the name suggests, caters to just a tired foot. Offering relaxing foot soaks with fragrant natural ingredients and essentials to make the feet happy once again, Wakefoot SanctuarySpa is definitely one of the best spas in Ashville for your feet.

Even though the spa focuses on just one part of the body, guests can upgrade the services with add-on massages for hands and shoulders.

6. Biltmore Estate


Cost: $165-250

To experience the legacy of the Vanderbilt family and one of the premier resorts of Ashville, Biltmore Estate is truly a lot more than just a spa session. However, one cannot deny its spa’s influence amongst all the best spas in Ashville.

Treatments including heated stones, detoxifying brush exfoliation and body butter indulgence are all worth every penny. After a good session, you will experience better circulation and reduced stress levels in your body for sure.

7. Sensibilities Spa

Cost: $180-495


Sensibilities Spa takes the floral direction in its approach and goes all organic with its treatment.

Their belief that beauty and wellness go hand in hand has inspired them to churn out the benefits from natural sources and create therapies like Garden of the Senses and Follow Your Bliss, where Hot Stone Massages, Marine Flower Peptide Facial, and a lot more unfold to give you the best of experience.

Their most indulgence package combines pedicure, manicure, and facial with chocolates and champagne, isn’t that tempting?

8. Spa Theology


Cost: $100-140

If the spa isn’t the only thing on your wishlist, then you must consider visiting Spa Theology. The staff here specializes in everything, be it massage services or pedicures.

For a full-body pampering starting with a hydrafacial and ending with waxing, you can have a full self-care day at Spa Theology.

9. The Spa at Groove Park Inn


The Spa at Groove Park Inn is a place that wants you to leave all the gadgets and dive into the world of pureness and tranquility. But you know what steals the show here, the two therapeutic waterfall pools.

The cavernous rock walls, arches, tunnels, and mineral pools, all make for a subterranean spa session close to nature. The eucalyptus-infused air of the steam rooms will leave you completely pacified and reenergized.

In the end, you can relax by the fireplace and sip a cup of organic tea.

Final Thoughts

With so many amazing spas to choose from in the city, it may be difficult for you to narrow down your options. That’s why we wanted to share with you a list of our 9 favorite Asheville spa experiences!

There is something for everyone on this list. So what are you waiting for? Visit one or all nine of these fantastic local businesses today!

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