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The 9 Best Spa Experiences in Sedona

Sedona is known for its natural beauty and as a top spa destination. There are many spas to choose from, but not all of them are created equal.

Here are the nine best spa experiences in Sedona, based on our expert opinion.

1. Sedona Springs Resort

If you want to visit a great spa in Sedona, then the Sedona Springs Resort is a very good option.

The property itself feels more like an apartment, but you do have a very interesting space experience. The amenities are suitable for the entire family, and overall, you’re getting an extraordinary, exciting, and fun experience.

Plus, there is a hot tub, sauna, and swimming pool too. It’s a great option, especially if you are on a budget.

2. Junipine Resort

At the Junipine Resort, you have a fun spa experience, not to mention this is a great destination spa with a wonderful forest vibe.

It looks great, it’s certainly suitable for outdoor adventures, and you have great porches, wood-burning fireplaces, and so on.

It just adds to creating a very interesting and enjoyable experience. It’s totally new and engaging, while also pushing the limits to convey something different.

3. Adobe Grand Villas

Adobe Grand Villas deliver a wonderful villa style, and you will be amazed by the design. But don’t be fooled by the exterior, you really get some amazing amenities and lots of cool features that really help push the limits in a creative manner.

The food here is great, and you have a swimming pool and comprehensive spa services. It’s pretty much what a lot of us want, so if you are into spa experiences, this is definitely something to consider.

4. Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa

What a lot of people love about the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa is the great design and outstanding value.

You will also appreciate the mix of rooms they provide, the nice views, and the yoga classes they offer, even if they are paid. With that in mind, there is a swimming pool, you have spa services, and there is also a gym.

So you do get pretty much all you want and even more than that, not to mention the experience itself is very high quality.

5. Poco Diablo Resort

It’s a good idea to give the Poco Diablo Resort a try because they do have a full-service spa that is very well equipped. They also have tennis courts, a golf course, and a heated swimming pool.

It’s an interesting resort for those that just want to unwind, relax, and also try out something new. The location itself is impressive, you have great views, and the services are up to par as well.

Overall, it’s a great option and certainly something to consider.

6. Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock

Right from the start, the design of this location is great, and they do have a spa resort as well. They also feature a golf course, which has become very popular over the years.

You can find lots of rooms here, HIIT pits, indoor steam rooms, an outdoor lap pool, and so on. You can also find the Eforea spa within the facility.

It’s actually a very good pick for anyone that wants an extraordinary, relaxing, and enjoyable spa experience, which can be hard to find sometimes.

7. Amara Resort & Spa

As the name suggests, this resort is very focused on the spa experience, and it does have a very interesting visual appeal and service quality. The experience itself is very pleasant, and you also get to enjoy some local food here as well.

They also have a hot tub and infinity swimming pool. Plus, you have free yoga classes in the morning.

It’s a great resort for those that want an exciting, rewarding, and enjoyable spa experience.

8. Enchantment Resort

At the Enchantment Resort, you get very good service, panoramic views, and a full-service spa resort.

It truly features everything you want and so much more, not to mention the spa pools have waterfalls. They are also overhauling the Mii Amo destination spa tool. You can also receive specialized spa treatments too, which is great.

They also have a restaurant, croquet, and tennis courts, as well as 3 swimming pools too. The rooms here are very creative and enjoyable too.

9. L’Auberge de Sedona

There are many things to like about L’Auberge de Sedona.

For starters, it conveys a very luxurious feel, not to mention that they also accept pets, which is extremely important to keep in mind.

When it comes to the L’Apothecary full-service spa, you do get facials, massages, and a variety of other treatments.

There’s no shortage of options, and that’s why L’Auberge de Sedona is by far one of the top options for those that want a great spa experience.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great spa experiences in Sedona that you can take advantage of.

It all comes down to trying them out and seeing what works best for your needs and requirements.

Don’t hesitate to try a few different options until you find the perfect one that meets and exceeds all your expectations!


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