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The Best Unique Spa Experiences in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a city full of culture and opportunity. There is always something to do in this vibrant city, from catching a game at the Target Field to exploring Saint Anthony Falls. However, if you are looking for an experience that is a little more relaxing, consider checking out one of the city’s unique spas.

Minneapolis has a number of extravagant spas, perfect for a romantic night out or a girls’ day in. It will not disappoint your spa expectations, from massages and mani-pedis to facials and full-body scrubs.

Here are some unique spa experiences in Minneapolis:

Anda Spa, Hotel Ivy

Cost: $450-540 (Depending on the treatment and duration)

This beauty is located at Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis and practices crystal-based wellness techniques to provide a holistic experience. With a gigantic area of over 17,000-square-foot, this spa honors the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit to attain optimal health. Anda spa is one of a kind. The services offered by the spa are a combo of ancient, earth-based techniques along with the art of skincare technology. This luxuriant spa offers 24k gold enhancements for lips and face. The reason for the spa being so unique is its usage of natural stones like labradorite and rose quartz, which helps in refreshing and overall transforming the skin. Not just this, Anda Spa also provides some more luxurious experiences involving other precious gems in the treatment.

Sundara Inn & Spa

Cost: 60/90 min – $120/$150

Sundara’s spa is a spa easily accessible and economically feasible for everyone. From treatments specially designed for men to the options available for pregnant women, this spa offers various treatments. This invigorating spa has 8 new suites designed especially for small groups. Activities such as water yoga, meditation, boot-camp fitness, stand-up paddleboard tours, and nutrition classes make the spa’s environment so much more inclusive. This resort has gotten its hands on the 4th position as per Travel + Leisure and many more awards.

To make your spa experience a little more fun and new, give a shot at the Vichy shower and Salt treatment at Sundara’s Inn & Spa.

The Spa at Mystic Lake

Cost: $ 165


At The Spa at Mystic Lake, the usual spa is made more fun with golfing and fun casino games. The use of natural products like Arizona mud, which is rich in copper, magnesium, and zinc, helps nourish and heal the skin. At the same time, pomegranate extract consisting of vitamin A and polypeptides fights aging and treats your aging skin to a tropical paradise. All of these make the treatment more refreshing and soothing. Apart from that, The Spa at Mystic Lake has an expansive service menu for its customers.

If you are in town and are fond of natural treatment methods and products, spend some time here as you relax and unwind.

Fusion LifeSpa

Cost: $100-400 (Depending on the treatment and duration)


Voted as “Best of the Best” massage by Allure, Fusion LifeSpa is one of the best spas in Minnesota because of its newness. Its menu entertains the customers with atypical services ranging from mustard rubs to curative baths. This spa is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique corrective experience.

The Fusion LifeSpa is an eco-friendly space that is not just a spa but a natural health clinic too, which focuses on the wellness of the whole body and not just some particular parts.

Do not miss out on the “Mustard Detox,” which will boost your body with the magical properties of mustard, followed by a shower to relieve you of all your stress.

Glacial Waters Spa

Cost: $150-165 (Depending on the treatment and duration)


This is not just one of the best spas in Minneapolis but also amongst the best spas of America (as per Spas of America). Placed in the soothing atmosphere of pines and nature in Nisswa, Minnesota, the Glacial Waters Spa is so much more than just a spa.

The treatments offered here awaken and gently calm your mind, body, and spirit. It offers golfing, swimming, lovely accommodations, homemade ice cream, and a stunning wedding destination. The spa, like all others, has a wide range of services like massages, nail treatments, and facials, etc.

Above everything, the simplicity and generosity of the staff will make you fall for this one.

Waves of Superior Spa

Cost: $120-175 (Depending on the treatment and duration)

This is the only spa on the North Shore of Lake Superiors that offers a full-service. The spa is a part of the Bluefin Bay Family of Resorts. Go for the hot stone massage and soak in the sound of Superior’s crashing waves.

The spa’s location complements its excellent service. The spa offers many different facilities like coastal suites and professional massages and serves really yummy and healthy sandwiches, salads, and smoothies.

There are various offers going on at this time of the year, which you must check out before giving the spa a visit!

Läka Spa at Hotel Landing

Cost: $ 110-160 (Depending on the treatment and duration)


This Scandinavian aesthetics-based Spa at Hotel Landing gives you a feeling of the local culture. The treatments and even the products at the Läka Spa are inspired by the purity of Lake Minnesota and the Nordic culture and traditions.

Not only this, but they use state-of-the-art medical technology for 21st-century beauty treatments, which makes it compulsory for any spa lover to go there at least once.

Final Notes

As the day winds to a close, you may start thinking about where you can go for some relief. Have we got something perfect for you! Follow this awesome list of the best spas in Minneapolis that offer unique experiences and services to help rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit after a long week at work or school. Check it out today if you want to feel better tomorrow!

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