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The Best Unique Spa Experiences in Denver

Denver has no shortage when it comes to spas. The city has something for everyone, from luxurious day spas to holistic retreats. If you’re looking for an experience that’s a little out of the ordinary, here are some of the best unique spa experiences in Denver.

The Ritz Carlton Spa

Cost: $200

The Ritz Carlton Spa hits the right nerve when giving you the best of Colorado’s traditional spa treatment. Giving a break to traditional hydrotherapy, Ritz Carlton in Denver begins the treatment with the Samurai beer from Great Divide brewery in the relaxation room.

The treatment room is an ultimate bliss where the Mile High Malt Scrub washes off stress and fatigue alongside the futuristic showers across the three walls. There are Swedish massages, Jacuzzis, and steam rooms that are also worth trying.

Woodhouse Day Spa

Cost: $180 for 50 minutes

$240 for 80 minutes

The award-winning Woodhouse Day Spa was the former home of Senator Merrit. The Woodhouse Day Spa has preserved its impeccable historical appeal with its original stained glass windows and chandeliers.

The spa treatment kicks off with a complimentary glass of wine, champagne, or house-crafted cocktail. During summers, the solarium is the ultimate spot for a sunny indulgence.

The duo spa session is another exciting offer from The Woodhouse Day Spa. So, kick back and let the therapists weave magic through the Swedish massages.

The Oxford Club at Oxford Hotel

Cost: $75-210 (Depending on the treatment and duration)

The over the top decadence at Oxford Club Spa is worth leaving anything in this world. In the Almond Joy Experience, a world-class coconut sugar scrub will help your dead cells and stress peel off, while the chocolate body masque swaddle will leave your mind and body nourished.

If you’re longing for more, pamper yourself with a milk and honey bath. A perfect rejuvenation, this treatment leaves you with firm, hydrated, and baby soft skin. Apart from this, the classic massages like Deep Tissue, Signature Stone, and Swedish, and essential Aromatherapy, work perfectly as a stress buster.

If you still have some time left before leaving, do give their indulgent manicures and pedicures a try.

Veda Salon and Spa, Hotel Monaco

Located downtown, Veda Salon and Spa at Hotel Monaco is one of the finest places offering stress-relieving and rejuvenating spas. Featuring a Vichy wet room, there are four types of 80-minute hydrotherapy to choose from.

With the goodness of lavender comes the Lavender Rain, accompanied by Eucalyptus exfoliation and stone treatment targeted towards feet and back.

Amongst the tailor-made treatments are the Mile High Massage that delivers the refreshing aroma of essentials and the benefits of cannabidiol oil in a lotion-based therapeutic massage.

Get your dose of youthfulness with any CBD oil massages or treatments from Veda Salon and Spa.

Four Seasons Hotel Spa

Cost: $ 160-230

The Four Seasons Hotel Spa spoils you with a range of body, face, and mind recharging therapies. Rebalance your internal harmony with the essential oil-infused aroma therapies.

The body treatments are a unique blend of natural ingredients like milk, papaya, sea minerals, black sand, and a pumice stone that will be the secret potion to your inner and outer glow.

Give your scalp a deeply refreshing and rejuvenating pampering session with nutrient-rich oil-based treatments. The therapist will touch various pressure points to give ultimate stress relief and leave you with soft, lustrous hair.

The Active Recovery and Hydrating Swedish Massages are renowned for blood-circulation, improving properties, and ultimately breathing a new life into exhausted souls.

The Pampering Place

Cost: Spa – $215+

Massage – $60+

Body Treatments – $55+

Set in an off-the-beaten path, the Pampering Place takes its good time in pampering and treating you with all the goodness it holds.

Give a pass to conventional spas, and head to Pampering Place to enjoy long-lasting pedicures, facials, and a variety of other treatments that feature on your self-care to-do list.

Apart from the laid-back ambiance, the Pampering Place delves into serious treatments like Dolphin MPS pain therapy, Biophotas, and Neuromuscular massages.

The Detox, Therapeutic Hot Tub, and Hot Stones treatments are yet another interesting combination of various therapies. There are also options you can customize!

Vivian Day Spa

Vivian Day Spa has over 10 years of experience. The menu at Vivian Day Spa offers a variety of massages, facials, and body treatments. They specialize in traditional Chinese Tui Na, Shiatsu Massage, and Foot Reflexology therapies. Through trigger point therapy, you can find a much-needed stress release.

Vivian Day Spa is perfect for those who want to relax and rejuvenate their bodies with some traditional Chinese therapies.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there are plenty of great places to experience a spa day in Denver. So if you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, book your next appointment at one of these unique spas today!

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