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The Most Beautiful Places To See In Greenland

The non-continental island Greenland, with its icebergs, northern lights, glaciers, ethereal wildflowers, magnificent cliffs, whales, polar bears, and cultural mixture of Inuit and Scandinavia, proves to be an ideal place to visit and explore.

The ideal tourist destination for adventurers is becoming popular day by day. Closer to the northern pole and sandwiched between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, Greenland sparks with the midnight sun in summers and northern light in winters. Isn’t it worth-seeing tranquil beauty?

As the weather conditions are not transportation favorable, you will see less crowd as not everyone can reach it. You can explore beautiful Greenland mostly by boat, sled, and snowmobile. However, you can go outside in your free time and enjoy hiking, boating, and dogsledding alongside the natural and breathtaking backdrop.

Some of the most outstanding wanderlust places in Greenland will make your trip more amazing and memorable. Here are a few of them:


Give a start to your trip by exploring the cruise’s starting point, Nuuk, which is the capital of Greenland. You can make your time memorable by getting around in the city on the boat as watery sides surround it. This epicenter of culture will allow you to have fun at nightclubs, and learn about Greenland National Museum’s indigenous history.

Nuuk Cathedral is a worth-visiting site in the capital, followed by the coastline and picturesque backdrop.

To make your trip more exciting and to get the complete city view, you can do hiking towards the Quassussuaq, which is around 1420ft high mountain. Restaurant Unicorn, Tapasimut and Bone’s Nuuk must be on your list while your hunt to eat something delicious.

Ilulissat Icefjord

In Greenland, you will be amazed by the finest beauty of one of the active glaciers in the world, Ilulissat Icefjord. If you arrange your trip in the summer, May to July, it will become a more thrilling experience as you’ll be able to see the midnight sun in real-time. Guided boat tours are available there, making your journey more chilling and rejuvenating.

On your trip, you must mark Disko Bay in your visit plan to see the historical significance of that site. Emanuel A Petersen Art Museum is there to welcome travelers with its great and awe-inspiring collection of landscapes in Greenland. Inuit Café and Brasserie Icecap are worth-visiting restaurants there.


When you move towards southern Greenland, you will land in the tranquil town of hospitality and tight-knitting community. Surrounded by the mountains, supporting folks, beautiful homes, and icebergs, the Narsaq town is a must-visit.

The vibe of this place is just out of the rushy world we live in. You can explore the mineral deposits and cowboy historical elements of this agricultural town. It’s the best place to visit in summer, as greenery takes over the town.

Hiking and fishing are the best activities to do there. Ulu net cafe and Café Inugssuk are one of the top restaurants there.


To enjoy the northern lights visit Kangerlussuaq, where you can get a view of miles of untouched snow. December and January are the best months to get a clear scenic view of the aurora borealis.

The ice sheets, clear skies, and less population make it an ideal place for an exciting and thrilling experience.

For a better dining experience, you can visit Muskox restaurant and Nordlyset to enjoy Thai food. If you are in Greenland and want to go to Kangerlussuaq, then you can take a flight from Nuuk, Illussiast and many other areas as many direct flights fly to Kangerlussuaq.

Elgi Glacier

If you want to see the calving of glaciers, you must move 80km towards Ilulissat to see the captivating beauty of Elgi. You have to take a small fishing boat to get the spectacular experience of the unparalleled natural beauty of the collision of water and ice. The air bubbles make the ice cloudy, making the scene jaw-dropping for the tourists.

However, the problem is you have to take an 8-10 hours boat trip to reach there, but it will be worth your efforts and time. If luck goes your way, you can get to see a glimpse of whales there on your trip. Sarfalik restaurant and Restaurant Hotel Icefiord are top-rated restaurants in Elgi glacier.

Uunartoq Hot Springs

Greenland is an island where you’ll find hot springs everywhere, but the Uunartoq’s hot springs merged as pools, are worth watching. You have to plan a short boat ride from Ilulissat to reach there, which will be another thrilling experience.

At Uunartoq Hot Springs, you’ll find three natural hot springs there. Most of the springs in Greenland are cold enough that you can’t take a bath, but the springs in Uunartoq are warm enough to.

Nearside Uunartoq, you’ll get to see the Inuit cultural and historical ruins, which will make your journey even more amazing- a perfect blend of history and culture.

Scoresby Sund

On the eastern coast of Greenland, the largest fjord system stretched across 110km, is a must-visit place in Greenland. Floating icebergs, tree-like structures, polar bears, whales, and seabirds are there to give you a lifetime experience. On the polar expedition, you will come across multiple polar bears and whales.

A great variety of seabirds, like puffins and guillemots, wander on the seaside. On this trip, you might see herds of Arctic hares, lemmings, and musk oxen. Ancient settlements are there i.e Sydkap which makes the view more historical and unique.

Pro-tip: You must take your camera and binoculars with you. Don’t forget them at home.

Final Thoughts

Several places in Greenland are worth exploring, which will awaken you with their ethereal beauty. You must visit and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this incredible country. These places are suitable for every kind of traveler. So don’t worry about that and have fun.


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